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Our big vision is to develop the best and most sustainable AI products, bringing them to life together with innovative organizations. Partnerships are an important part of our company philosophy.

With a strong network, we work every day to successfully position and integrate AI software as a future technology in institutions, administrations and businesses.

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Shaping usage of artificial intelligence together

Sales & Management Partner

We are proud that our products clearly stand out from the competition due to their ease of use, stability and high automation features. For this reason, we want to make our products available to all companies in the most diverse domains, administrations or institutions. We can only achieve this with our partners. Our sales and management partners usually have their own customer network and offer software products in the area of ERP, CRM, PLM or similar.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Strategic Partner

We are building a broad network of partners nationwide and working with industry experts from various sectors such as industry, healthcare and public administration. In addition, we are involved in regional and national associations to help educate on the use of AI technology and highlight its added value. At events - whether face to face, remote or hybrid - we are happy to be part of the program and can participate in keynotes, pitches or as an impulse generator in expert talks.

Technology & Research Partner

Innovation and research are firmly anchored in our DNA. We have been involved in numerous national and international research projects in various fields for many years. Among others, we are currently active in research projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. In addition, we are always interested in participating in new research projects and thus further advancing our AI development.

Selection of some partners

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Partner voices

KI Bundesverband

"We appreciate elevait as a very committed member in the KI-Verband regional groups Baden-Württemberg and Saxony, among others. We are happy to be able to shape AI made in Germany with elevait as a strong partner."
Vanessa Cann - Managing Director KI-Bundesverband

Silicon Saxony e.V.

"Silicon Saxony is one of the leading high-tech locations in Europe. To guarantee our importance in the future, Saxony must be at the forefront of AI. elevait decisively enriches our network by developing sustainable AI software products and understanding the entrepreneurial potential that opens up for our companies."
Frank Bösenberg - Managing Director Silicon Saxony e.V.

Cloud & Heat Technologies

"For us, elevait is a long-standing and reliable partner with whom we have jointly built our Managed Kubernetes platform. In the several years of collaboration in projects and innovation activities, we particularly appreciate elevait's high level of commitment and results orientation as well as the human interaction."
Marius Feldmann - COO Cloud & Heat Technologies
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Research projects

Colide Projekt Logo
Development of Auto-Multi-View-Learning methods (AutoMVL) for heterogeneous industrial data. (funded by BMBF)
Bimkit Projekt Logo
BIMKIT develops as-built modeling of buildings and infrastructure structures using AI to generate digital twins. (funded by the BMWK)
Pandia Projekt Logo
Development of a platform that enables consumers in the healthcare industry to have their data usage conditions checked automatically when using interactive assistance systems. (funded by the BMBF)
3DFed Projekt Logo
Develop generic approaches for automatic redistribution and federated querying of large distributed data sets to facilitate the development of high-performance distributed data storage solutions. (funded by BMBF)
RePro Projekt Logo
Creation of a system for automated reduction product monitoring for sugar, fats and salt in finished products as part of the National Reduction and Innovation Strategy.  (funded by the BMEL)

Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact us!

We are always looking for active and innovative partnerships and look forward to hearing from you.

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Contact person

Sandy Csisko - Partner Management

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