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Automated document processing within the company

The intelligent solution to read documents automatically and precisely extract relevant data. With the help of artificial intelligence, the software supports efficient and digital data processing in business processes. Simplify your manual document management!

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accurate acquisition of data


processing of documents in real time


less manual effort & time savings

Minimization of manual processes & labor

How does document processing automation work with AI?

Support with elevait in:docs

  • Automated data capture of documents with machine as well as handwriting

  • Processing of text & image with AI-based software, combined with processes like OCR

  • Extraction of data, information and knowledge from a wide variety of data sets

  • Classification of documents for accurate delivery to the target system

  • Intelligent rule application in data processing to integrate individual expertise & know-how

  • Intuitive web application and integration with third-party applications and existing infrastructure

Self configuration of individual requirements for extraction

Conservation & enrichment with expert knowledge of our employees

Automatic improvement through learning AI

Processing of header & position data

Document processing of all common document types and formats



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The efficient technology in your company: Automated document processing

Your way to the solution elevait in:docs


Common understanding of the process

Based on individual business processes, we develop a joint project plan and define the KPIs.


Data analysis

We create a mutual understanding of the data situation.Afterwards the data is prepared for machine learning.


How your project continues

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