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elevait in:docs includes an easy-to-integrate software product for automating business processes with semi-structured business documents such as invoices or purchase orders.

Our service offers easy-to-use functions such as automatic classification and information extraction of documents. The extracted information can be checked for plausibility and validated using company-specific knowledge.

The information relevant for further processing is transformed from the documents into structured digital data. It can then be transferred to different target systems using standardized interfaces.

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Knowledge-based automation in business processes with semi-structured documents

We simplify the organization and processing of semi-structured business documents - whether letter, fax or e-mail.

elevait in:docs recognizes and classifies documents and extracts contained information - including validation.Our product in:docs can be easily integrated into an existing infrastructure.
Generic, pre-trained AI models allow in:docs to be used in no time. Our proven onboarding process allows for a quick evaluation of usability and any necessary customizations.

Documents are processed in near real-time in secure, certified data centers in Germany. We guarantee data security and processing based on business and regulatory requirements.

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Knowledge-based automation is the encapsulation of
process knowledge in machine-readable form in combination with machine learning techniques.

Core features of elevait in:docs

Every day, organizations process a large number of different business documents at great expense. Only with efficient, scalable processes can organizations survive in an increasingly fast-paced competitive environment. This ties up resources and blocks important key competencies for building and scaling sustainable competitive advantages.
Our product in:docs helps to master these challenges.

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General core features

  • Processing of different business documents such as orders, invoices or delivery bills
  • Automatic reading of machine and handwriting
  • Generic knowledge extraction of header and item data, even with multi-line descriptions or complex table headings
  • Automatic application of freely definable validation and plausibility rules to business documents
screenshot of  the custom presorting by a document

Document preprocessing

  • Custom presorting by document type
  • Automatic quality improvement of the digitized documents
  • Text recognition using neural networks and OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
screenshot of the bounding boxes with the keys

Knowledge extraction

  • Recognition of features and correlations using deep learning and image processing algorithms
  • Custom interpretation of the extracted information
  • Validation and plausibility check according to process-specific specifications
Screenshot of a doumentview as JSON-format

Knowledge automation

  • Merging semantically interpreted information
  • Customized conversion to machine-readable target format
  • Triggering of subsequent processes
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elevait in:docs in numbers - an example:

Invoice processing is a major hurdle in organizations.
over 350.000

annotated feature classes 2021


feature classes

over 90%

detection rate

Advantages with in:docs

Predefined features and pre-trained knowledge models
Multidimensional technology approach for intelligent document processing
Use of a flexible and semantic data and knowledge format

Die Datenverarbeitung erfolgt nahezu in Echtzeit und stößt auf Wunsch direkt automatisierte nachgelagerte Prozesse in Ihrem Zielsystem an.
Der nachhaltige Effekt unserer innovativen Lösungen hilft Ihnen, die Optimierungspotenziale zu erkennen und direkt zu nutzen.

Wir befähigen Sie und Ihre Kollegen die Software in einfach aufgebauten Schritt-für-Schritt Workshops effizient und nachhaltig zu nutzen.
Von manueller zu automatisierter Dokumentenverarbeitung innerhalb von 4 Wochen.

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick:
Effiziente Prozesse in Einkauf, Produktion, Disposition und vielen weiteren Geschäftsfeldern
Automatisierte Verarbeitung strukturierter Daten in Echtzeit & in einheitlichem Standard
Erkennung von ähnlichen Layouts und Nutzung vortrainierter Extraktionen
eigene Geschäftsregeln in einen grafischen Editor einpflegen

Entlasten Sie Ihre wertvollen Mitarbeiter*innen von stupiden Routineaufgaben und nutzen Sie kosteneffektive KI Unterstützung.


Inefficient, complex and error-prone processes

Complex, inefficient processes are often an obstacle to growth or concentration on the core business. For greater competitiveness or in critical phases, fast response times but above all specialist knowledge are required when processing business documents.

A lack of digital workflows also makes it difficult to capture, validate and transfer data in multidimensional IT landscapes.


Scaling and efficiency in business processes with diverse business documents

elevait in:docs captures and sorts business documents as they come in using a digital workflow. This allows various documents such as scans, faxes or PDF documents to be pre-processed without manual transmission. Highly accurate knowledge extraction, customized validation and knowledge representation reduces long turnaround times, high costs or regulatory risks through fast processing and permanent availability. Preconfigured APIs and interfaces ensure fast integration.

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Fabian Kretschmann - Product Manager in:docs

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