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Intelligent digitization of data in the construction industry

With our software, project data and planning documents are processed automatically and contained information as well as geometries are precisely extracted. By using artificial intelligence, processes can be efficiently automated and the management of project data in construction projects can be realized in a resource-saving manner.

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time savings in the realization of construction projects using artificial intelligence


automation in the structuring of project data and planning documents


transformation of unstructured data into semantic data models

An all-in-one-solution for the AEC/O industry

How elevait in:plans can offer support


elevait in:plans enables the processing of large amounts of unstructured project data and plan documents and thus contributes significantly to increasing the efficiency of processes.


Our graph-based search is unique and revolutionary. It provides a visual representation of project data as well as plan documents and realizes efficient navigation in complex unstructured data. It allows to quickly identify correlations and thus to precisely search for information relevant to the projects.


Innovative object recognition fully enables automatic extraction of information that is georeferenced and available as specialized objects in a semantic data model. This significantly reduces the effort and resources required for the evaluation and further processing of relevant project data.

Effective tools for intelligent data management, increased productivity and value-added data 

Your way to the project solution elevait in:plans


Common understanding of the process

Based on individual business processes, we develop a joint project plan and define the KPIs.


Data analysis

We create a mutual understanding of the data situation. Afterwards the data is prepared for machine learning.


How your project continues

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