Data Security

Data security as a priority in every project

Working with the applicable regulations of data protection in customer projects is an essential part and priority within our company. We ensure the constant protection of our projects and set our standards above the applicable standards in the operational implementation.

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Highest security standards

Models with artificial intelligence made in Germany

For elevait, data security comes first - especially when our AI models are trained with real data. With a team of experts, we guarantee compliance with all security standards and also ensure this through regular updates from TÜV-Süd.

We know what is important for GDPR-compliant work!

Order processing

The first step on the path of cooperation begins with the signing of the order processing agreement (AVV). The content of this agreement gives both contracting parties the security of proper data processing and is based on data protection law according to Art. 28 GDPR.

We will be happy to provide the AVV in advance for review and cross-checking.

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Secure data management

All data and communication content is stored in encrypted form. This also applies to data transmission, which is exclusively standardized using SSL encryption. The respective customer data is stored independently and can only be accessed externally via an appropriate VPN network. The authorized personnel to access the data is limited to a minimum for this purpose.

We use the customer data provided exclusively for the purpose of training our AI models and only as long as our customers agree to this and define the time limits themselves.

Synthetic data

When working with highly sensitive data, the amount of data required for training can be supplemented by synthetic data generated by elevait. This guarantees an optimal training with the required diversity and amount of data.

Individual deletion periods

According to customer-specific requirements, data and extraction results can be retained for any period of time and also deleted. Compliance with the deletion periods is checked automatically and deletion is initiated accordingly. Constant check-ups and monitoring are also carried out by our data security team.

Sustainable made & hosted in Germany

An important element in our daily work is for us to consider the ecological impact when developing our AI models. Among other things, we use climate-friendly cloud technologies for our server hosting in Germany. This is done with our partner Cloud & Heat Technologies.  Another essential component is the innovative combination of generalist and domain-specific knowledge, which enables elevait to reduce the training effort in known industries to a minimum.

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