Project plan

Improving business processes together with AI

The technological use of artificial intelligence in the automation of business processes is part of strategic corporate development. We provide orientation and jointly set up the path from goal definition to onboarding. The support of dedicated project managers, an agile mindset as well as the methodical implementation are fixed components of the successful realization.

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1. Common understanding of the process

Based on the individual business processes, we develop a joint project plan for automation and define KPIs.

2. Data analysis

We create a mutual understanding of the data situation and validate it regarding the KPIs. Subsequently, the data is prepared for machine learning.

3. Model selection & customization

To fit business processes which need to be automated, our generic AI models can be customized. Therefore, the quality of the automation is continuously improved.

4. Knowledge modeling

The process knowledge is defined in the form of classes, attributes and rules. In parallel, this is supported with user training.

5. Integration

The elevait suite is integrated into the existing software landscape, for which numerous interfaces are available or can easily be added.

6. Go-live & feedback

The functions of the elevait suite are made available productively step by step. During the defined go-live, the feedback cycle is maintained by the agile onboarding process.