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elevait in:flow enables an efficient organization of input channels such as emails. We sort and classify documents and the automated processing of intents and information.

elevait in:flow is a modular software product for document classification and natural language processing. The field of application of elevait in:flow is the automation of business processes with different input channels like emails, scans, ticket systems or news feeds.

The software connects different input channels together and processes incoming transactions, documents or other information using customer-specific classifications. A modular extension of document recognition by means of layout or text recognition and information extraction enables the automation of complex business processes.

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We automate your inbox

The inbox of a company is the central starting point of communication. Reaching the right contact person directly with an inquiry - for this wishful scenario, an inquiry usually goes through many hands, only to end up with the wrong person or cannot be processed immediately due to missing information. elevait in:flow solves these problems and prevents interruptions in inbox management.

No matter if digital or analog: Every day, countless documents find their way into organizations through various inbound channels. Examples include the classic letter inbox or inquiries from the service center via website, mail or chat. This is the starting point of all corporate communication - whether in business relationships between companies or with private individuals. Classification, processing and handling tie up a lot of resources in various areas and lead to lengthy processing times for the respective transactions and are prone to errors.

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Our goals
with in:flow

70% reduction of cost

90% Reduction of the processing time

100% Increase service efficiency

Priceless reduction of the frustration level of the workforce

Reduction of misaddressed requests and documents

What can in:flow do?

With elevait in:flow in input management you have all your correspondence digitally and in real time.  Our software reads and sorts the digitized documents or processes and recognizes customer-specific keywords, including associated characteristics. elevait in:flow enables the complete takeover of the processing and distribution of processes in various systems, inboxes or other input channels. By processing natural language, analog or digital input channels can be fully automated. At the same time, we work in a data protection-compliant, transparent and error-free manner.

General core features

  • Processing of digital and physical input channels such as letter, e-mail or fax
  • Classification and assignment of documents according to document type and customer-specific structure
  • Identification of predefined keywords such as persons, organizations, or specific keywords
  • Processing of text by means of neural networks and use of OCR (Optical character recognition) technologies
  • Extendable with the products in:forms and in:docs
  • Identification of the relevant recipients in the company

Employee Support

  • Extraction of general information such as name, date or customer number
  • Extraction of concern-specific information
  • Completeness check of the required information
  • Creation of validation rules for further automation of the processes

Knowledge Automation

  • Merging semantically interpreted attributes
  • Customized conversion to machine-readable target formats
  • Triggering of subsequent processes

Advantages through in:flow

Use of language models and pre-trained knowledge models
Intent detection and slot filling
Generic and customized data models (ontologies)


Capacity commitment or outsourcing in the processing of incoming mail

Organizations process a large number of rapidly changing documents every day through different channels and processes, which often still reach them in paper form or as an attachment to an e-mail. Banks, insurance companies, service centers or other service providers in various domains therefore work with scanners in their mailrooms to feed these incoming documents manually or semi-automatically into their document management systems. The biggest challenge is the correct classification, evaluation and processing according to e.g. transaction or department. As the complexity and number of documents increases, many organizations and deployed software systems fail, necessitating renewed manual processing.


elevait in:flow makes your input management more effective

elevait in:flow is a modular AI software product. Using state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms and pre-trained language models, rapid integration into an existing system architecture and customer-specific configuration is possible. Our integrated AI features enable many benefits that are indispensable in practice. In addition to classification by document class, process, or customer group, semantic interpretation of content is one of the unique selling points of our intelligent input management system. Using pre-trained knowledge models, high recognition rates of over 90% can be achieved in a short time. Only specially trained algorithms and hosting in German data centers are offered.

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