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Manage input channels efficiently

Automate the processes for handling your inbound channels with our input management: Whether fax, e-mail or inquiries in the service center - relevant information and data are precisely captured, processed and made directly available.

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<1 min

processing time for each e-mail

up to 2x

times faster till go-live

<2 years

to achieve ROI

Design workflows sustainable & efficient

How does the software solution elevait in:flow simplify input management?

Success Story elevait x SachsenEnergie AG

With the recognition of customer inquiries and direct automated processing in the CRM system of our customer SachsenEnergie AG, we jointly implement efficient management in the service area.

Goal: Relieve employees from routine tasks, faster response times to inquiries and increase of customer satisfaction.

Organize inbound channels in the company comprehensively and sustainably

Team and Technology - hand in hand

Automate processes for a unified management of inbound channels, whether incoming mail with letter, email and fax, ticket systems in customer service or additional service center requests.

Intelligently process text as well as images with AI-based software and the latest OCR technologies.

Providing a sustainable solution through an uncomplicated combination with further business processes and document management.

Automate the inbound channels in the company sustainably with AI

Your way to the solution elevait in:flow


Common understanding of the process

Based on individual business processes, we develop a joint project plan and define the KPIs.


Data analysis

We create a mutual understanding of the data situation. Afterwards the data is prepared for machine learning.


How your project continues

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