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There is still room in our team for new talents and experienced experts who, together with us, want to write success stories.What makes us stand out? A special team spirit, exciting challenges and a modern working environment. We share a common vision!

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At elevait, each team stands for the common further development of elevait with its individual vision and mission. Each team member contributes with his or her own skills, such as conception, development, testing or strategic planning, to problem solving within the team.

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A team is not people who work at the same time in the same place. A real team is a group of people who enjoy working together to help their organization achieve its goals and purpose. (Gifford Thomas)

How we live New Work

Trust and respect in flat hierarchies, flexible working hours and the immense team spirit form our unique working atmosphere, where everyone can develop and test their individual strengths.

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"For me, working at elevait feels like solving challenges with a couple friends. While having a good time and a lot of fun, we strongly collaborate to elevate our products to the next level day by day. Decisions are team decisions, and every team member's contribution, based on his/her different skill set, experiences, or opinions, is essential to find the best solutions possible."



"As cheesy as it may sound: the time at elevait has helped me grow as a person. If you want to dare and try something out, there are no limits (ok, almost no limits). You will be heard and supported. And yes, this includes working from a beanbag! 🛋️✨"


Software Engineer

"elevait gives me a chance to work within my strengths and helps me to grow as a person and a professional. The Onboarding was so well-designed and warm-hearted that I had the great feeling of being welcome. I am really looking forward to working on our mission together as a team."


Business Process Manager

"There is a genuine spirit of cooperation, everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to helping our customers. This truly creates a nice environment."


Machine Learning Engineer

“In no other company have I felt so welcome, listened to and valued from the very beginning. The spirit of really all the employees simply sweeps you along and I look forward to the work and, above all, the people every day.”


Software Engineer

"It is a truly amazing experience to work within such an inspiring environment as the one elevait provides: a young & diverse team, working with state-of-the-art technology, tackling challenges to enable all kinds of business to use AI for good. Join us on our journey!"


Product Owner

What we stand for

Our strong conviction

In our daily work, we not only strive to communicate our values and related norms in a bold way, but also to live them together.

In doing so, we also continuously deal with the topics of diversity and inclusion. Even though we are a diverse team, we are currently working on a consistent strategy that also considers the topic of inclusion from its various angles. It is a high goal of elevait to provide an inclusive and diverse work environment for all employees, where everyone feels equally valued, respected and integrated.

We deeply believe that the diversity of the team is the key to our collective success.

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