elevait suite

Documents & processes intelligently automated

The software suite enables efficient, sustainable and self-configurable automation of documents and business processes. The innovative platform combines our digital, AI-based software products. A holistic solution for the various administrative challenges in your daily business processes.

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One solution from extraction to processing

Process automation based on  artificial intelligence

With the elevait suite manual processes around business documents can be automated reliably. From recognition and extraction to validation and further processing of data - thanks to artificial intelligence, our cloud-based platform takes care of it.

Document management Intelligent extraction of information for incoming documents

Any business documents can be fed in via a variety of supported input channels and, with our products, all relevant information can be extracted from them precisely - whether forms, invoices, e-mails or construction plans.

Automated validation and target-oriented further processing of data

Through the elevait suite, the automated validation of data as well as the derivation of all required information takes place to generate all relevant business resources - and then transferred to desired target systems.

This process automation is based on knowledge graphs that provide general as well as domain-specific explanations. This enables accurate and unambiguous validation and further processing.

Generic concepts for a variety of data

Thanks to the use of domain- or industry-specific knowledge graphs, we not only guarantee a high quality of automation, but also offer extensive customization options in the elevait suite. Thus, the knowledge graphs can be adapted to customer-specific special cases and thus any data structures can be mapped.

Thanks to built-in annotation tools, the targeted training of machine learning models of our products for special document types is possible as well.

Flexible interfaces

What the elevait suite offers

The elevait suite combines our products, which solve different challenges in the daily administrative business: From an automated processing of documents of any kind, to the provision of digital planning data in the construction industry, to a digital simplified workflow in input management.

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