elevait suite

Documents & processes intelligently automated

The software suite enables efficient, sustainable and self-configurable automation of documents and business processes. The innovative platform combines our digital, AI-based software products. A holistic solution for the various administrative challenges in your daily business processes.

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One solution from extraction to processing

Process automation based on  artificial intelligence

With the elevait suite manual processes around business documents can be automated reliably. From recognition and extraction to validation and further processing of data - thanks to artificial intelligence, our cloud-based platform takes care of it.

Document management Intelligent extraction of information for incoming documents

Any business documents can be fed in via a variety of supported input channels and, with our products, all relevant information can be extracted from them precisely - whether forms, invoices, e-mails or construction plans.

Automated validation and target-oriented further processing of data

Through the elevait suite, the automated validation of data as well as the derivation of all required information takes place to generate all relevant business resources - and then transferred to desired target systems.

This process automation is based on knowledge graphs that provide general as well as domain-specific explanations. This enables accurate and unambiguous validation and further processing.

Generic concepts for a variety of data

Thanks to the use of domain- or industry-specific knowledge graphs, we not only guarantee a high quality of automation, but also offer extensive customization options in the elevait suite. Thus, the knowledge graphs can be adapted to customer-specific special cases and thus any data structures can be mapped.

Thanks to built-in annotation tools, the targeted training of machine learning models of our products for special document types is possible as well.

Flexible interfaces

What the elevait suite offers

The elevait suite combines our products, which solve different challenges in the daily administrative business: From an automated processing of documents of any kind, to the provision of digital planning data in the construction industry, to a digital simplified workflow in input management.

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elevait suite

The elevait suite is the foundation for knowledge-based automation of all business processes. It enables you to meet the growing requirements in your dynamic business environment.

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All products for your success in one place

In the coming years, the ability of organizations to respond quickly and specifically to change will be of existential importance. Those who are able to encapsulate knowledge in their organization or use it to improve business processes will be a big step ahead of their competitors. Our products and services focus on our customers and their processes and assets. With our transparent cost structure, reusable knowledge models and open communication, we lay the foundation for a sustainable investment of our customers and partners. By using the elevait suite, organizations create the foundation for long-term competitiveness. This is ensured by reliable availability, fast responsiveness, encapsulation of specific corporate knowledge, and the focus on important core competencies of the company.

What is the elevait suite?

The elevait suite offers you various products for intelligent automation of business processes in organizations. The components integrated into the software, such as predefined interfaces, generic knowledge models, or digital, product-related training for a quick introduction, enable an enterprise-wide deployment in organizations of any size.

Core functions

  • Automatic classification of different documents and formats, e.g. in forms, business letters or technical drawings
  • Automatic extraction of information from documents and texts, such as identification features or position data
  • Custom definition of structured business knowledge, i.e. concepts, features and business rules without programming

Workflow Engine

  • Workflow Engine for customized automation of data flow in processes or between software systems. Our Workflow Engine allows easy and fast adaptation of changes in processes affecting technical parameters such as protocols or formats.
  • Real-time control that simplifies the management, processing and organization of data traffic, even between heterogeneous sources and any destination.
  • Standardized, extensible process monitoring for monitoring various key performance indicators.


  • Uncomplicated, minimally invasive integration into a wide variety of corporate IT systems "as a service" or "on-premise
  • Output data via various communication channels (web service, file systems, ERP, databases) with support of common formats (XML, JSON, ...) as well as domain standards (ZUGFeRD, XRechnung, ...)
  • Automatic scaling of the software from a few to thousands of documents per day

Advantages of the elevait Suite

  • Easy implementation and operation through precast AI products
  • All important basic functions are immediately available
  • Generic, ever-evolving knowledge models
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  • Application of structured specific business knowledge
  • Validation and plausibility check of data before being transferred to target systems
  • Formalization of knowledge (concepts and business rules) without programming
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  • Data security through certified data centers in Germany
  • Compliance with business and regulatory requirements
  • Exclusive use of in-house developed AI
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  • Overall feasibility analysis
  • agile process model
  • Automated benchmarking of data to determine the degree of automation and data quality
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  • Using AI without harming the environment
  • Compliance with the sustainability requirements of the EU GREEN Deal
  • Reuse of heat emissions in data centers
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  • Fast Processing of documents
  • Documents are processed faster than by human
  • Easy scalability of processes and business models
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Our products

Screenshot of the in:flow

elevait in:flow

elevait's intelligent input management classifies, recognizes and checks incoming messages, tickets or documents from different channels.

elevait in:flow combines the physical and digital inbox, whether letter, email with an attachment, scan or fax. We classify and sort any input according to a company-specific structure and hierarchy and address it automatically to the responsible department or recipient.

The classification is GDPR-compliant. The advantages are a rapid increase in the service level when responding to requests, a reduction in costs and a decrease in the frustration level among the staff.

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elevait in:forms

elevait in:forms automates the processing of documents with specific or known layouts such as forms - regardless of whether they were filled out analog or digitally.

Save time: With elevait in:forms, manual typing from documents into a target system such as ERP is a thing of the past. elevait in:forms recognizes content from simple checkboxes to complex contexts, such as multi-dimensional, complex tables, and accurately extracts the required information from them.

No matter if the forms contain handwriting or typed text - you define the features to be extracted by the AI with the intuitive tools of the product.

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Screenshot of the in:forms
Screenshot of in:docs

elevait in:docs

elevait in:docs automates processes with documents that do not have a fixed layout, such as orders, purchase orders or forms with little known or unknown layouts.

elevait in:docs knowledge models recognize such documents as well as their language and content - whether handwritten or typed. elevait in:docs classifies documents with more than 95% accuracy. Your employees only have to work on borderline cases and can otherwise turn to more creative tasks.

We offer easy scalability of processes without additional staff. Counteract demographic change today.

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elevait in:plans

elevait in:plans classifies and references 2D plans from the construction industry. The product enables automatic reading of important plan information as well as its validation. The information obtained is the foundation for a highly connected data environment.

Start today with us and move toward a future of sustainable design and construction.

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Screenshot of in:plans