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We provide extraction and validation of information from forms, web pages or format-based layouts.

Produce valid, trusted data to maximize business success.

Triggering follow-up processes in our customers' target systems is effortless thanks to standardized interfaces.

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Automatic, AI-based information extraction from forms

Even today, a large number of forms are still in circulation in a corporate or administrative context, e.g., to record orders, customer data, and surveys. The transmission of the either manually or digitally completed forms on a document basis is mostly done as a scan or photo, which prevents a simple automated readout. The necessary manual typing of the corresponding information leads to high costs and a high resource commitment. As a result, the number of forms to be processed cannot be scaled arbitrarily. The high monotony of this type of activity ends in decreasing motivation and frustration among employees. The repetitive typing of form data is also prone to errors.

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Flexible integration into target systems

Cloud-based hosting or on-premise installation of the complete solution
Easily connect to one or more target systems via REST web service, SFTP, email, SharePoint, or database
Encrypted data exchange according to the highest security standards
Flexible scaling of the system based on Kubernetes according to the currently accruing data volume
Multi-client capability allows differentiation of various target systems

Core features of elevait in:forms

General core features

  • Automatic, AI-based extraction of information from forms
  • Processing of structured layouts, such as questionnaires, web pages or medical history forms
  • Recognition and classification of documents such as scans, faxes or PDFs
  • Processing of machine and handwriting
  • Check for presence of signatures or comments
  • Automatic application of freely definable validation or plausibility rules to business documents

Document preprocessing

  • Input of completed forms in any image-based formats such as PDF, PNG, TIFF or JPG
  • Classification of documents into known and unknown revisions
  • Recognition of underlying form templates and their revision
  • Recognition and reading of QR or data codes
  • Automated quality improvement for highest possible extraction results

Document processing and knowledge extraction

  • Extraction of handwriting, typewriting and checkboxes (numbers or strings)
  • Recognition of bar, data matrix or other codes
  • Validation of form content based on customer-specific process knowledge
  • Enrichment of extracted form data through intuitive rule editor

Knowledge Automation

  • Automatic import or manual creation of customer-specific feature classes
  • Definition of customer-specific characteristic values per class via intuitive editor
  • Mapping of business process specifics for data enrichment or content modification
  • Checking plausibility or validation of relations or connections on documents
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Checkbox detection and extraction

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Recognition and extraction of handwritten as well as digitally filled input fields with numbers or strings

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Recognition and extraction of handwritten input fields

Transformation of data - from analog to digital and structured.

Advantages of in:forms

Handwriting, typewriting and checkboxes
Form processing of various formats
Intelligent form management via no-code implementation


Manual processing of forms and encapsulated knowledge

Every day, various business processes are processed using documents with a familiar layout. This costs valuable time and is also a source of errors during the manual transfer of analog to digital data.Whether user questionnaires, wage tax notices or medical history forms - important information for the further processing of business processes is contained in structured boxes of a fixed layout.

Extraction, validation and plausibility checks require specific process knowledge and are often dependent on specialist expertise.


Scaling and efficiency in business processes with diverse business documents

Transform content from forms into structured data and produce valid, trustworthy data to maximize business success.

With elevait in:forms a fast and high increase of productivity metrics is possible. Send different formats of different business applications and processes to enable faster processing of transactions without manual setup, data entry and validation. Use elevait in:forms to identify patterns and use insights to make informed decisions in your business.

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