We live our vision of New Work

The elevait team consists of employees with different academic backgrounds and currently unites experts from all over the world at two locations in Triberg in the Black Forest and in Dresden, the capital of Saxony.

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How it all started

The genesis of elevait already started in the mid-1990s, when our founder and CEO Günther Möckesch worked for SAP in Silicon Valley. During this time, he came up with the innovative idea of developing novel, reusable data structures for business objects in the context of enterprise software.

In 1996, together with an MIT spin-off in Boston, he founded his first own software company based on these data structures. Within four years, this company grew to 200 employees. After many successful years in America, the desire to return to Germany grew. Back in the Black Forest, the idea of how to combine these data structures with artificial intelligence and thus automate business processes was further developed. This gave rise to the company elevait, which successfully solves today's complex challenges in a wide variety of digitization projects using software products developed in-house.

Already in 2015, a small research and development team was formed in Dresden, which especially worked on projects in the field of knowledge graphs and machine learning. This team of five employees iformms the origin of today's elevait GmbH & Co. KG.

An employee-centered and appreciative corporate culture with an agile mindset has been the basis of our cooperation since the beginning of the company. On this basis, our team has gradually grown organically to its current size. Today, it has the necessary clout and agility to offer standardized, customer-oriented enterprise software based on artificial intelligence - always at the cutting edge of research and available technologies.

Our values

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Our team consists of talents from all over the world, trained in different fields and domains. Together we work towards elevait's mission.

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Curiosity about current technologies, the latest research findings, and their productive use is a central anchor point in our team's mindset.

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Personal responsibility and democratic, knowledge-based decisions, together with the agile methods Scrum and Kanban, form the basis for successful collaboration at our company.

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Trust and respect in flat hierarchies, flexible working hours and the immense team spirit form the unique working atmosphere in which everyone can develop with his/her strengths.

We live agile value creation


No problem is too big for us. We find the right solution for every requirement and react flexibly to possible changes.


Our teams work independently and self-organized. Customer-centric thinking is a matter of course for us.


In order to be able to work in a self-organized manner, transparent communication is practiced internally, externally and between the teams.


We strive for the greatest possible effectiveness. In order to achieve our goals, we reflect on the potential for improvement in our work at regular intervals.


Each team drives a specific aspect of product development, with each team member bringing their own skills, such as conceptualization, development, or testing, to the team to solve problems.


We identify the aspects that create the greatest added value for our customers and focus on them consistently.

Sustainable AI makes the difference.

Sustainability is the focus for elevait.

At elevait, we envision a prosperous future where AI-based software supports your employees in their daily work and automates repetitive tasks. The elevait suite increases innovation and strengthens the competitiveness of organizations.

To realize our vision, we are working on a concept of knowledge- and AI-based automation of business processes. For this purpose, we provide our customers with a state-of-the-art AI-based software suite. This builds on the paradigms of abstraction and generalization of data, algorithms and workflows. In addition, we offer a high adaptability of our products to customer-specific requirements and simple integration options by means of no-code configuration.

By working with Cloud&Heat for our infrastructure, we reduce the carbon footprint of our AI products to a minimum.

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Where you can find us

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Hauptstraße 60
78098 Triberg

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Antonstraße 2
01097 Dresden

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